Aug 24, 2017 Our focus will be on a standard CICS dump and not using any tool like Fault Analyzer or Abend-Aid. While we cannot provide a complete 



Whether the abend is an S0C7, something caused by an unhandled condition, or (most?) any other  The issue was solved by deleting my debug tool profile form the system and then login to the debugger (DTCN) again so it creates a new profile (the profile was  Nov 5, 2002 If you have vendor tools in your CICS region, they will point you to the bit of code that's failing. If the program is Language Environment enabled,  Special procedures apply to the AEYD, AICA, ASRA, ASRB, and ASRD abend codes. For an abend code other than AEYD, AICA, ASRA, ASRB, and ASRD, use the procedures in Last statement identification to find the last command that was executed, and then see Analyzing the problem further. For details about CICS® abend codes, see Transaction abend codes. aica Explanation A task has been executing for longer than the runaway time interval (defined by the ICVR operand on the system initialization table macro, DFHSIT) without giving up control. CA InterTest for CICS has an ICT parameter that can be used if an AICA abend is encountered during the monitoring of a program.

Cics abend aica

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The default value, if unspecified, is 5 seconds. An attempt has been made to use remote resources, but the local SYSID has been specified in an EXEC CICS command, or vice versa. An attempt has been made to use remote resources, but ISC is not supported. An EXEC CICS command contains an invalid AID or CONDITION identifier. This abend indicates that the EXEC CICS command has become corrupted. AICA – Run away task. AEY9 – Invalid CICS command has been issued.

This edition applies to Release 3 of CICS Transaction Server for OS/390, program number runaway time may be exceeded causing a task to abend AICA.

Answer : In COBOL II start with CEBR, and get the offset/instruction. Question 7.

If your transaction terminated with abend code AICA, the transaction which cics service transaction is used to gain accessibility to cics control tables? Mention 

Q: What are ASRA,AICA,AEY9 abend ?

what is an aica abend. runawy task.
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For example, BDAM issues this ABEND macro when it detects errors, rather than sending a return code to the calling program. AICA. This abend usually occurs if your program is looping. There are CICS parameters that determine how long a task can run without giving up control. The ICVR parameter in the CICS SIT table can be used to specify a value for all tasks running in CICS, or you can specify a RUNAWAY value when you define a transaction .

(Dump was suppressed.) Abend has been coined from ABbnormal END of a task, it signifies that a transaction has been ended abnormally by CICS for performing some illegal action, or A CICS command to abnormally terminate a transaction. Possible ABEND AICA timeout This book is intended to help you write application programs using EXEC CICS commands that obtain the services of CICS.
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Text, Natural termination forced by abend . Expl. Natural has been abnormally terminated after the abend condition "AICA" - possible loop under CICS,

The same information is available online, using the CICS-supplied messages and codes transaction, CMAC. If, after reviewing the material in CICS Messages and Codes, you cannot find the cause of the problem, continue with the procedures outlined in Dealing with transaction abend codes.